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  • The Dice Game Craps  By : Kenneth Wilson
    Craps is a simple game where you bet against the house on the result of two dice being thrown. One or more players take it in turn to be the shooter and roll the dice. The first throw of a round is called the come out roll. If the two dice add up to 7 or 11 is a win or natural. If the two dice add up to 2, 3 or 12 it is called craps and the round starts again with another come out roll. Any other total 4, 5, 6, 8,9 or 10 is rolled a point is created. The shooter then rolls re...
  • Important Rules Of Craps  By : Will Win
    Craps, it's an exciting game. But it's easy to get carried away. Making poor betting decisions is the fast way to the poor house. Today, I'll present five rules of Craps play that must not be broken. Do so at your own peril.
  • Winning Craps Table Selection  By : Buzz B Berkeley
    You've decided on which Casino to attack, now how do you decide on which Craps table to play?

    Of course, your first consideration will be the table odds. The more the merrier! That's true ONLY if the table odds of any given table fits within this session's bankroll.. that is the portion of your bankroll currently assigned to this one session. Selecting a high odds table (like 10X) does not mean that you must bet at that level, but if it fits within your session's bankroll,...
  • How to Play Craps Successfully  By : Eric Fields
    Start to play games of craps and you will understand why I believe it is a great game to play. Craps gives you the best odds of winning in a casino, besides poker. Not only does craps give you the best shot of winning it also lets you reduce the casino's edge significantly. Craps is a great way to win big money in a short period. Yes you can use slot machines but the odds are so stacked against you it is not even worth it. In blackjack the dealers reshuffle the decks frequent...
  • Do You Want to Play Craps?  By : Wallace Willis
    Introduce Craps to you.
  • In Pursuit of a Monster Roll  By : David Walker
    What brings different people together at the craps table is one common goal - the pursuit of the once in a lifetime “monster roll”.
  • Craps - Bet Large and Win Small  By : David Walker
    If you decide to use this system you need to have a sizeable bankroll and incredible discipline to walk away when you realise a small win.
  • About Players At A Craps Table  By : David Walker
    If you are looking for excitement, noise and more fun than you can stand, then craps is the only game to play.
  • Online Craps Strategy For Beginners  By : David Walker
    This strategy is not going to win you huge amounts of cash but it will help you realise small, consistent wins online.
  • The Superstitious Game of Craps  By : David Walker
    A list of some of the more common craps superstitions compiled by some of the great craps players. Incidentally, they believe in a lot of this nonsense too!

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