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Tips to Help Increase Your Protection from Online Casino Scams

By: Jimmy Nordon

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Here are some helpful and informative tips on how to avoid being suckered by a dishonest online casino.

There are only 3 or 4 major software providers for online casinos and poker rooms. Every legitimate online casino I have been too will tell you someplace on the site where they got the software from. If you are unable to locate the name of the company then maybe you should avoid laying at this particular online casino or poker room. This does not mean they are not an honest casino, but it does meant that there is a better chance of the software being flawed or designed to steal your money.

Judging a Casino by its Cover:
Online casinos and poker rooms bring in millions of dollars a year. If you go t a casinos website and the site itself looks cheap and poorly designed or if the different menus do not work properly if may be a sign that the casino is less then the best and maybe this is a fly by night operation and after you deposit your money with them they may disappear. This may just be a new online casino, and they do not have the money for a good web designer, but I recommend only playing in a well established online casino or poker rooms. This will ensure that the casino you play in will be honest and all you have to worry about is collusion and web hackers, but that is a different story completely.

Message Boards:
It is a good idea to investigate what other people think of the online casino you are thinking about depositing your money into. Message boards are a great place to do that. There are many online gambling related message boards where you will find any complaints about any casino. You will find complaints on all casinos both online and land based, sometimes when people lose money they will try to blame the casino or the other players because god forbid they may have just lost without cheating being involved.
If most of the postings about Joe's online casino then do not trust them with your money, and if most of the posts are good about Joe's online casino and poker room then you can feel safer about depositing money and gambling with them.

Friends, Neighbors and Co Workers:
Talking to people you know is the best way to get information about anything that you can trust. If you ask around the people you know, someone you know is bound to play in online casinos or at least know someone who has. This information can be more trustworthy then anything and useful then any information you will find on the internet.

Law of Averages:
When playing in a poker room or in an online casino you have to from time to time win; it is imposable to always lose. If you are playing roulette and just betting red or black and no matter what you bet on you always lose and I mean always lose then there is something wrong with the casino or their software. Even when playing the slot machines, you may not get any big wins but from time to time you have to at least win a few dollars back.

It has always been my experience to go with word of mouth. Ask around you probably know people who enjoy online gambling and they will be glade to tell you where they play.

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Jimmy Nordon loves to play blackjack in online casinos when he has the time. He spends hours every on the computer reading blackjack tips to improves his skills.

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