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The Dice Game Craps

By: Kenneth Wilson

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Craps is a simple game where you bet against the house on the result of two dice being thrown. One or more players take it in turn to be the shooter and roll the dice. The first throw of a round is called the come out roll. If the two dice add up to 7 or 11 is a win or natural. If the two dice add up to 2, 3 or 12 it is called craps and the round starts again with another come out roll. Any other total 4, 5, 6, 8,9 or 10 is rolled a point is created. The shooter then rolls repeatedly until the point or the number 7 is rolled. This is the end of the round. If the point is rolled the same shooter rolls the come out round, if a 7 is rolled it is called a 7 out and the next player on the left.

Players can make any of a number of various bets usually the predicted outcome of the round 7 out or point comes. Other bets involve predicting the outcome of the next roll or than a certain total will come up before 7. Bets are placed with chips on a craps table. A new shooter must bet the table minimum on either the pass line or don’t pass line to play.


Fire Bets, before play begins some casinos allow small bets to be placed on whether the shooter will get many different points of differing values. Nothing is paid out on the first, second and third unique points. The odds on the fourth are 25/1 the fifth 252/1 and the sixth at 1000/1.

A new shooter must bet the table minimum on either the pass line or don’t pass line to play. Pass line is a bet on whether the shooter will roll a total of 7 or 11 on their come out roll. If the shooter rolls a 2, 3 or 12 the bet is lost. If a point is established and rolled again the bet is won. If a 7 is rolled before that the bet is lost. A don’t pass line bet is the opposite losing if rolling a 7 or 11 and winning if roll a 2 or 3, 12 is a draw to give the house an edge. If a point is created and rolled again the bet looses, if 7 is rolled before the point the bet is won.

Pass odds and don’t pass odds bets are for pass line bettors and are taken if a point is created. Pass odds is a bet that a 7 will be rolled before the point. Odds vary depending on the number of the point, though are usually true odds. Don’t pass odds bet are the opposite i.e. that a point will be rolled before the 7. Come bets are made after the coming out roll. If the roll the come bet is made on is 7 or 11 it wins otherwise the number rolled has to be rolled again before a 7 in order to win.

Don’t come bets bet that craps 2,3 or 12 will come on the next roll not 7 or 11 or if a point is rolled it won’t come again before a 7. Single roll bets are on the outcome of the next roll. These bets an either be placed on one number or several. Multi roll bets are like single roll bets except it may take several rolls to determine the outcome


The most plausible strategies to win at craps involve controlling the dice when throwing or substituting the dice for ones that are rigged. Both classed as cheating. As a consequence casinos monitor dice carefully and insist the dice hit the back wall of the table to limit the shooters control over the outcome. As a matter of etiquette it is considered bad to move the dice from the table, hold them with more than one hand, they must be in plain view at all times.

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