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The 7 Best Ways To Lose Money At Casino Gambling

By: Andy Follin

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1. Play games you donít know.
2. Chase your losses.
3. Gamble with your winnings.
4. Play when youíre drunk.
5. Donít set a session limit.
6. Expect to win every time.
7. Bet on Red if Black has come up four times in a row.

My friend Joe runs a casino. Business has been slow lately, and heís hoping that he can pull in a few punters by giving these top tips. Go ahead, make Joe happy!

1. Roulette and Blackjack are popular, but whereís the fun in that? There are loads more games out there. Who cares that you donít know how to play? Half the fun is in learning on the job. And if you lose a lot of money in the process, youíll make Joe happy! Sure, online casinos allow you to play for free and give you practice credits so you can try out any game without risking your cash, but thatís not real gambling is it? Take your bankroll and blow it on Video Poker. Jacks or better? 100 play Power Poker? Who knows what they are? Doesnít matter Ė Joe wants you to play.

2. If youíve started with a bankroll of $500 and youíve already lost $450, youíre not going to get it back by stopping! Bet that last 50 and try to win back your losses. And if you lose that 50, buy some more chips. Doesnít matter how much youíve already lost, you canít stop now Ė youíre not a quitter, are you? Joe hates quitters.

3. So youíve been lucky and youíre up on the night. You brought $500 and now youíre on $1000. Nowís your chance to get back at Joe. Think of all those times youíve left a loser. Now youíre playing with Joeís money. That $500 isnít profit, itís revenge! Why walk away with $500 when you could gamble it all and take away $1000. Never mind that talk about the House Edge Ė Joeís panicking. He knows youíre about to wipe him out. Keep gambling!

4. Those sexy waitresses arenít just doing their job Ė they really fancy you. You, more than anybody else in the casino. And when they offer you free drinks, itís not to get you drunk, itís because they want to loosen you up for later. Keep drinking, keep flirting, keep gambling Ė Joe wants you to have a good time. And if youíre gambling at home, youíll need that genuine casino experience. Open up a bottle of your favourite hard liquor, have a glass or two, then buy a few more chips and just go for it!

5. Joe thinks of everything. When youíre in his casino, youíre transported to a world of wonder and mystery. Do you wonder what time it is Ė itís a mystery! Thatís because Joe wants you to focus on your gambling. Nothing else matters, and heíll do everything he can to ensure you donít get distracted by annoying things like sunrise! Just keep betting, even when youíre tired and weary and drunk. Joe says you make your best decisions when youíve been playing for 12 hours. Some gamblers set strict time limits on their sessions and only gamble for 2 hours at a time before taking a break. What are they, wimps?! Joe hates wimps.

6. Every one of your sessions should be a winner. It doesnít matter how much youíve lost so far, eventually, youíre bound to win. Joe says keep gambling until that happens.

7. In Roulette, the odds of Red and Black are 50 Ė 50 (forget the 0, that doesnít count!) So the probability of Black coming up four times in a row is 1 in 16. Joe says the chance of it being Black again is 1 in 32, so the chance itís going to be Red must be 31 in 32. Youíd be a mug not to believe Joe on this one. Gamblerís Fallacy? Thatís just loser talk. Youíre not a loser are you?

Joe thanks you for reading his top tips for casino gambling. Follow these and youíll keep Joe Ė and all casino owners Ė very happy indeed!

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