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Sports Wagering is a Long-Term Endeavor

By: John Stover

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Sports wagering is a long-term endeavor. There will be days when you lose money. It is the nature of this business. Think… the stock market. There are days when people loose thousands, even millions in the stock market. Does the long term investor fret over it? No!! Why, because he knows that the stock market has averaged 10% since its’ inception, so he or she knows eventually their investments will rebound. It’s the same with sports betting except some professional sports bettors average over a 1000% return on their money in a year. Try that with any conventional investment or instrument. This method below is the very same formula I use to make a good amount of money a year betting on sports.
First, figure out how much money you have in which you are willing to loose. I like to call it risk capital, but after you use this method you will find there is really not much risk involved. Note: I tell my clients that they should try to start with at least $1000. The more you have, the faster you can get rid of that shitty job!

1) Find an online book that is reputable. If you live near a casino that takes action, or in Las Vegas, even better. You can use a bookie, but they usually don’t last long after you consistently take they’re money. Unless you live in Vegas, online sportsbooks are the way to go. They offer great sign up bonuses and there’s no chasing after your money. Check out for great reviews on the best online books or click on one of the banners on the site. The books here are the best online and I have been using them for years. All of them give excellent sign up bonuses, awesome customer service, and most important, pay in a timely manner. I have never had one problem with any of them.

2) Sign up with a handicapper. There millions of these scum suckers out there. Trust me, I have used hundreds of these services, and there is only a handful of really good services out there. I use as my main handicapper. They hit over 60% on all of their bets. Sometimes higher. They are the best handicapper online, by far (trust me, I have used thousands of them). This service has made me some much money I would pay double for their service. Another service I like is They are a great service, but unfortunately they cost a good amount of money. They hit around the same percentage as PSPhandicapping, so it’s best if you stick with the cheaper of the two.

3) Next. Log into your handicapping website. Get your pick. THIS IS IMPORTANT!! PSPhandicapping has two types of picks. Gold Picks and Standard Picks. Only use the Gold Picks!! Gold picks are the documented picks. Standard picks do not hit at over 60%.
Take 5% of your bankroll and lay it on the game suggested under Gold Picks. For example: you have $1000. Lay 5%= $50 on that bet. Note-never buy more than half a point over or under the spread the handicapper suggest. This is a waste of money. If your book is way under or over the suggested line by your handicapper skip the play for the night. That’s it. Simple.

Stick to this method period!
I always have some numb scull that will contact me saying he lost money. I will usually find that he was- A) making his own bets B) gambling in the casino (poker) C) not following my method. DO NOT GAMBLE OR MAKE YOUR OWN BETS!!! Follow the system. Place your bet, and do what ever it is that you normally do. There is no need to watch the game and stress out about it. We already have enough stress in our lives. Look, here is PSPhandicapping’s record last year- Won 234- Lost 140 (62%) Lets do the math.
• If you bet $1,000 per bet.
• $1,000 x 234= $234,000.
• $1,000x 140= $140,000
• $140,000 x 10% (Juice)= $14,000
• $140,000 + (Juice) $14,0000= $154, 000
• $240,000 - $154,200= $86,000 total for the year!!

Of course I will assume most don’t make $1,000 bets. This being said, you want to keep reinvesting your profits to reach this amount.
Note- these figures are simple mathematics. Throughout the year you have the baseball lines (+135 / -160), which means on (-160) you would have to bet $160 to win $100. For (+135) you would win $135 on a $100 bet. Usually these numbers will equal out through the baseball season. Make sure you adjust you bankroll accordingly.
*Always reinvest your winnings
*Reevaluate your bank roll at the end of each week
*Do not stray from the method. It’s not brain surgery.
*Slow and steady wins the race.
*Don’t panic! You will have loosing days.


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