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Four Fun Solitaire Card Games

By: Jimmy Cox

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Solitaire games are meant to be played when you are solitary or alone. They will help you pass the time pleasantly when you have to stay in bed or when you want to relax. There's a variety of solitary games here's a few of my favourites.


(1 deck)
Deal the cards one at a time face up, in a row from left to right. Go slowly so that you can continually compare the last card dealt with its neighbors. Whenever this card matches its immediate neighbor at the left, or the card third to its left, you may move the new card over upon that which it matches. The matching may be in suit or in rank. Suppose that the first four cards you turn up are:
[spade] J [diamond]5 [club] 8 [spade] 8
The [club] 8 matches the [spade] 8 and also the [spade] Jack. You may move it over upon either card. Here, it is just a guess which play will turn out better. Later on, you will find that one play is better than another, when you have choice, for it opens additional plays. Keep watch for new plays made possible by consolidating piles. For example, suppose that you deal
[heart]2 [club]5 [diamond]Q [club]2

You can move the [club] 2 upon the [heart] 2. Then two clubs are adjacent, so you can move the [club] 5 upon the [club]2.
Move the piles of cards as a whole, not just the top card. When a gap is left in the row because you have moved a pile away, shove all the piles leftward to close up the gap.

To WIN THE GAME you must get the whole deck into one pile. You will not succeed very often. You really are entitled to consider that you have won if you end with no more than five piles.


(1 deck)
Deal the cards one at a time face up into a single waste-pile. As you deal, count "Ace, two, three . . ." and so on up to the "King." Whenever the card you deal is the same as the rank you call, that is a hit. Throw all the hit cards out of the deck. After you count "King" start over again with "Ace, two . . ." and so on. When you have dealt the entire deck, pick up the wastepile, turn it face down, and continue dealing. Also continue counting, from where you left off.

To WIN THE GAME you must hit every card in the deck. But you lose the game if you go through the deck twice in succession without a single hit.


(1 deck)
Discard from the deck all face cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks). Shuffle the 40 cards, then deal them one at a time face up in a row from left to right. Keep watch of the pairs of adjacent cards. Whenever such a pair is both odd (as two 7's) or both even (as two 8's) throw it out.

To WIN THE GAME you must throw out all 40 cards in pairs.


(1 deck)
Discard all 2's to 6's, leaving a deck of 32 cards. Shuffle it well, then deal three cards face up in a column at your left. If any is a club, throw it out to start a wastepile, then deal a new card to take its place. If the new card is a club, throw it out and deal another and so on, until you have three non-clubs in the column. Then deal four more columns of three cards each, from left to right.

From this array of 15 cards, throw out all clubs into the wastepile. But do not fill the spaces so made in the four columns at right of the first.

Gather the remaining cards of the array and shuffle them well together with the cards left in the stock. In other words, shuffle all of the 32 cards except the discarded clubs. Deal a second time in the same way as the first, and having again thrown out all clubs, gather the remainder, shuffle, and deal a third time.

To WIN THE GAME you must discard all eight clubs in the three deals.

Hours of fun can be had playing these solitaire card games. Have fun!

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