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Saturday, 7 Nov 2015

Online Casino Poker Games you can Play at the great Royal Vegas Casino - Category: Casino Games - Views: 2300

Poker is without a doubt the most popular card game ever to be invented. It is played by friends at home, by professional players at poker clubs, and by millions of card game enthusiasts worldwide. Read more

Tuesday, 2 Jun 2015

Some Thoughts about good Money Management in Online Poker Games - Category: Online Poker - Views: 6380

There is often an argument (and a valid one) that you do not need a bankroll in online poker. The protagonists of this argument say that you can use outside income to facilitate your poker playing. Read more

Should you think on Multiple Levels when participating in Online Poker? - Category: Online Poker - Views: 27860

Novice poker players tend to play in a very simple way. They see their own poker hand and play it as they see it and that is their entire poker strategy. This is the first step in their education. Read more

Playing big Online Poker Tournaments and the Average Stack Involved - Category: Online Poker - Views: 6110

Tournament poker and especially online tournament poker is very big business these days. Big online events start all the time at various buy-in levels and so offer great variety for the player. Read more

Playing different sized Stacks in No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker Games - Category: Online Poker - Views: 4100

The types of hand that you select to play must differ when stacks become deep. For example let us say that you are playing against an opponent with only 20bb. It is folded around to you and you raise. Read more

Monday, 18 May 2015

If it is May, it is certainly Time for the Fortune Lounge Online Casino Cruise - Category: Casino Games - Views: 6760

The Fortune Lounge Group is among the oldest casino groups of the industry. Founded in 1998, the group is now part of a larger casino group run by the well-known Digimedia corporation. Read more

Monday, 27 Apr 2015

Seeing Poker for What it Really is to Finally Become a World Class Player - Category: Online Poker - Views: 8150

I have been teaching a friend of mine some of the rudiments of poker of late and sitting and watching him play and listening to his thought processes has been instructive to say the least. Read more

Playing Online Poker against a Short Stack Player to Maximize Winnings - Category: Online Poker - Views: 5770

These days on the forums then there are many discussions on how short stack players affect the dynamics of the game. In fact many players often say how short stack players actually ruin the game. Read more

Some Thoughts in Regards to Comparing Chess with the Game of Poker - Category: Online Poker - Views: 5160

Recently I have been studying chess for the first time in years. I was a very keen chess player back in my youth but then stopped playing the game when blackjack and then poker became my focus. Read more

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